2D/2N Langkawi FarmStay (Herbs)


For Garden Lovers Who Enjoy Travelling & Learning

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Photo by Dylan Walters

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Photo by Dylan Walters

Langkawi Beach, Photo : Anton Zelenov

Langkawi Beach, Photo : Anton Zelenov

Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah (Malaysia)

Langkawi, Photo by: Cheon Fong Liew

Langkawi, Photo by: Cheon Fong Liew

Billed as a “Travellers’ Choice” destination by TripAdvisor, the Langkawi archipelago is a tropical paradise located in north-west Malaysia in the Andaman Sea.
Pulau Langkawi, the largest of 99 islands, is home to lushly forested hills, pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is also proud to be part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network since 2007.
Feast your eyes as well as your taste-buds as you take in the local cuisine and natural beauty of its waterfalls, wildlife and greenery.
Langkawi Sky Bridge, Photo by George Grinsted

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Photo by George Grinsted

Fresh Seafood
Beef Rendang

The Magical Use Of Herbs & How To Grow Them

It is said that an edible garden is not complete without having a herb section. These magical plants with special healing benefits have been used for thousands of years. Rich in nutrients, phytochemicals and active constituents, they are well-known for boosting our health and well-being. However, many people shy away from growing herbs as they find gardening difficult.
– I find herbs difficult to grow. What am I doing wrong?
– How do I use herbs properly and which herbs are best for me?
This edu-vacational trip to breath-taking Langkawi will show you how ancient herbs actually lived and thrived in their most natural setting, away from pollution and bustling cities. Experience them just like how traditional ‘medicine men’ used to gather these pure herbs in the crisp fresh morning air.
Fresh Herbs on Wood

What You Will Learn

You will be amazed at the benefits of medicinal herbs you can grow at home. The knowledgeable and expert herbalist, Dr. Abdul Ghani Hussain is ready to share his know-how of these wonderful Gifts of Nature. Joanne will also impart her collection of essential tips for successfully cultivating a thriving Organic Herb Home Garden. Discover how EASY it is to grow your own Organic Herb Garden and have fresh herbs ready to use at any time.
  • Using Herbs or Wild Weeds as Medicine : All-natural remedies for common ailments
  • Common Useful Culinary Herbs & Spices : Quickly add flavor and color to your home-cooked dishes
  • How to Use Herb Plants for making Tea, Poultice, Tincture & Tonics : Make your own healing aids and health tonics
  • How to Preserve and Pack Herbs : Learn time-tested handling and storage techniques
  • How to Grow Herbs Organically : 100% non-toxic  herbs for worry-free consumption
  • Functional Value of Ulam 
  • Herbs as our Medicine against Flu, Infection, Inflammation, Detox Liver, Heart, Diabetes, Cancer
  • Herbs to enhance beauty of Skin, Hair & Slimming : Forget about pills and their nasty side-effects. Achieve your ideal body the healthy and natural way.
  • Propagation & Grafting : Discover first hand how easy it is to do grafting (an important advance skill) without the need for reading thick gardening handbooks.
Dr Ghani, Photo by jialormee (tripadvisor)

Dr Ghani, Photo by jialormee (tripadvisor)


About Dr. Abdul Ghani Hussain

Dr. Abdul Ghani Hussain, Photo by: robbiehoney (instagram)

Dr. Abdul Ghani Hussain, Photo by: robbiehoney (instagram)

Dr. Abdul Ghani Hussain is a renowned figure in Langkawi after practicing Medicine there for more than 30 years. He has now set aside his practice to concentrate on the study of Traditional Malay Medicine and Islamic Medicine.
He has been actively collecting and studying medicinal plants since year 2000 and his collection today amounts to more than 500 different species and it is growing steadily.
Many secrets and untold treasures await discovery within the medicinal plants used by shamans, healers and the indigenous people of the Rainforest Tribes. Dr. Ghani is driven to uncover this hidden knowledge and share it with the world.

Hands On Activities

This is a HANDS-ON Organic Workshop. You WILL be getting your hands dirty while learning step-by-step the actual growing methods and plant care by the Professional & Experienced Herbalist Guru, Dr. Ghani.
Visits and Other Activities:
  • Propagation of Herbs :  How to replicate and grow new Herb Plants
  • HerbWalk at Dr. Ghani’s garden
  • Cruise at Mangrove Swamps
  • Breathtaking Langkawi Sky Bridge

For Whom?

This activity is for the following people:
  • People who find it difficult to grow a healthy herb garden
  • People who wish to learn more about herbs and their wonderful medicinal and beauty-enhancing uses
  • People who love learning while travelling
  • Urban Farmers to be
  • Nature lovers who wish to get back to nature
  • People who dream of having a healthier lifestyle
This activity is NOT for the following people:
  • People who don’t like getting their hands dirty
  • People who do not have an open mind in learning anything new.
  • People who expect results without doing anything
  • People who hate travelling

Price & Itinerary

Itenarary - Apr 2018 (NewNew)

Fee :       *S$588 NETT per pax
*Includes: Lectures, HerbWalks, Sky Bridge, 2-Night Accommodation, 4 Meals & Domestic Transport.
Airfare, VISAs & Insurance NOT Included. Gardens With Purpose recommends flying the Scoot airline with ticket prices usually ranging between ($100 – $300).
For Malaysian Participants, please contact our Malaysian Agent for an easier registration process. Contact details can be found here!
For Singaporeans and other nationalities, please register using the sign up button above or read on about our BONUS below!


Buddy Package
Bring along a friend and enjoy a huge discount off the total price. Double the learning, double the freebies and DOUBLE THE FUN! Buddy Package is now S$1088 (Up S$1176.00). *New Additional Early Bird Buddy Bonus for Mar 2018 Workshop Below*
Early Bird Bonus
For the first 20 registrations, we will be giving away a bonus Organic Herb Starter & Care Pack (worth more than $50).
– 10 Herb Plant Cuttings
– 3 Pots of Herb Plants (SourSop, Moringa, Stevia) S$15
– 1 Tub of Organic Fertilizer for Herb-Growing S$18**
– 2 Bottles of Soil Conditioner S$18**
Plus! 1 Night Free Hotel Stay at Hotel in Town from Day 3 (Twin Sharing Room)!
**For overseas participants (Non-Singaporeans), items of equivalent value will be given instead due to the limitations of custom control. For more information, feel free to contact us or our authorized agents HERE!
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For Malaysian Participants, please contact our Malaysian Agent for an easier registration process. Contact details can be found here!
For Singaporeans and other nationalities, please register using the sign up button above.

Message from Joanne

Many cultures ever since the beginning of History,  have been recording all the wonderful benefits of herbal and medicinal plants in their land :  Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Ayurvedic, etc.
Of late,  due to technological advancement and urbanization,  we quickly classified them as ‘Traditional Medicine’, implying that this knowledge is  ‘old fashion and not scientifically tested’.
Hopefully,  our generation will get to see the truth about the wonderful healing power of herbal plants. Food is indeed our Medicine,   this is the real GOLD,  time-tested for thousands of years.
How many people or doctors actually know these plants? If we don’t recognize this now,  soon such knowledge will be a lost Art,  forever.
As part of Gardens With Purpose ‘s mission  “connecting people back to Nature”,  we constantly search for good knowledge and good people to teach important Nature &mission-critical  Life Lessons.
Dr Ghani is very famous in Malaysia,  with his medical background,  he had been collecting precious plants and documenting them. It is with deep admiration and gratitude that he has agreed to teach for us and show us his collection.
Organising this trip to Langkawi is the start of many new journeys for Healing plants and a place to truly appreciate raw Nature.
It’s time, we need to support and keep such important knowledge going, for our future generations.
To your vibrant Health,
Joanne Ng
Gardens With Purpose Founder