1-Day Food Fermentation : KimChi, Achar,  Sauerkraut & More

Learn how to prepare Deliciously Famous Fermented Dishes like a Professional

Flowering Class

The Enzyme Craze & You

Food fermentation has, for thousands of years, been the most common way of food preparation and food preservation, thereby maintaining and in most cases even improving the nutritional value of these foods   Fermentation not only preserves food but also enhances the health benefits of the final product.
Eating probiotic-rich foods—good bacteria—is one way to boost gut health. Fermented foods, like yogurt and kimchi, are rich in probiotics.
Fermented foods are currently being promoted to prevent or cure a range of diseases from obesity to cancer. For instance, kimchi is claimed to have anticancer, antiobesity, antiaging, and anticonstipation effects (Kim et al., 2011).
Many different cultures have their own authentic fermented dishes and this workshop will teach several of these famous dishes.
Sadly,  most of today’s store-bought Kim-Chi are done quickly without much fermentation.
Some even use artificial preservatives and flavouring.
Cannot image what most people will do to make their  Kim-Chi last long and taste better.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could ferment some of the famous Fermented Dishes at home.
Even better, Daily Free-Flow of crunchy appetizing dish for the Entire Family.
Learn Step-By-Step directly from the expert , get your quick start to fermentation safety, practical tips,  etc.

The Arts & Science Of Fermenting Food

MANY DO NOT KNOW :  Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics) are an Essential life force for ALL biological activities in most living things.
The correct fermentation of the fruits and vegetables will produce nourishing Probiotics, whereby eating it will boost the body’s overall Immune System, promote a Healthier Digestion,  Detoxifying and Revitalizing our body cells.
During the process of Fermentation, live bacteria will “pre-digest” the nutrients and elevate the enzyme levels.
These “Elevated Enzymes” are highly beneficial to our body cells. It also Significantly Aids the body’s ability to:
  • Digest
  • Absorb
  • Utilize nutrients properly
Live Beneficial Bacteria also protects you from harmful bacteria in the gut and promotes healing of the intestinal lining. It aids your body in expelling toxins and waste which would otherwise be stored and accumulated.
Your Skin, Health, Youth and Overall Vitality (energy levels, age) are directly affected by how well your body absorbs nutrients and expels toxins and waste.

What You Will Learn

Making your First Food Fermentation : KimChi.
The Do’s and Don’ts when making Kim Chi
Good Bacteria and Bad Pathogen.
Digestive System & Nourishment.
Uses and Benefits of Fermented Foods.
Detox, Self-Renewal & Immunity.
Achar Making Steps.
Steps to making delicious Sauerkraut.
Pickling your favourite fruit or vegetables.
Ideal Conditions for Good Fermentation.
Steps to proper Food Fermentation.
Safety & Storage : the Do’s and Don’ts.
Troubleshooting your Fermentation
Serving Fermented Foods with other dishes.
Other popular Food Fermentations
Traditional Tempeh making

Course Objectives

This 1-Day hands-on workshop will get you started on fermenting several popular fermented dishes rather quickly. No prior fermenting experience needed. Trainer will share many important Fermentation concepts : Initial Preparations, Ideal Conditions for proper Fermentation, Storage, Safety (differentiating good and bad fermentation) and creating interesting fermentation recipes.
After this workshop, participants will also be able to explain the many health benefits of consuming fermented food. Beside learning how to prepare each fermentation, trainer will also introduce innovative ideas on using their fermented food as condiments to other dishes.
This workshop is ideal for people who would like to go into Organic Food production industries. Employees from the Food Industries, Restaurants, Caterers, Canteens, Health industries, Chefs and Culinary Schools will find this workshop very useful.
Anyone who has interest in working with Organic Health Foods will find this workshop a very useful jumpstart. All Professionals and un-employed who wish to catch up with the forthcoming Organic Trends, may want to consider acquiring this new skill in order to expand their new career opportunities.

Hands On Activities

This is a HANDS-ON Organic Workshop which means you WILL be getting your hands dirty. Learn step-by-step first hand the actual methods used by Fermentation experts.
Hands-On 1:  KimChi.
Hands-On 2:  Achar
Hands-On 3:  Sauerkraut
Hands-On 4:  Tempeh
“Joanne is an engaging instructor. She keeps the class focus and her easy instruction is easy to follow!” – Theresa
“Joanne makes things very easy to remember, using current lingo” – Amanda
“Lots of information. Joanne is very knowledgeable and very helpful.  For the low fee she is charging,  she is giving us a lot of good value.” 
“An interesting and useful workshop by Joanne. Learn a lot about enzymes”  – Whye Chin
“I learnt the easiest & fastest way to obtain probiotic nutrients by the simple & easy steps of making enzymes” – Florence

For Whom?

This Workshop is for the following people:
  • People who find it difficult to make their own Fermented Dishes
  • People who have no knowledge about the benefits of Probiotics and would like to find out more
  • People who want to learn how to ferment food SAFELY
  • People who loves learning & doing
  • Potential Entrepreneurs
  • Health Conscious individuals
  • Passionate chefs who wish to include Fermented Foods and Probiotics into their recipes
This Workshop is NOT for the following people:
  • People who don’t like getting their hands dirty
  • People who do not have an Open Mind and zest to learn new stuff
  • People who Fear the process of fermentation and handling bacteria
  • People who still think that Bacteria are ALL BAD
  • People who Lack Patience in the process of Fermentation
  • People who are not interested in Health & Natural Living

Details & Fees

**Please note that Venue are Subject to Changes.

17 Aug 2024 Saturday
Time:      9:30am to 5pm



Workshop Venues:

Toh Orchids, 84 Sungei Tengah Spore 698986

Transport from Choa Chu Kang MRT,  9am, wait at Ticketing Area


Whatapp GWP Course Adminstrator at 94887418

Phone 6546 5801

Fee :       **S$280 per Person

*Standard Single Ticket price. Special Offers available below!
All Materials & Notes will be Provided.
Only for Venue at Toh Orchids : Packed-Lunch, Tea &  Transport from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station will be provided.


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