Arts & Science of Terrariums (2.5Hrs) Team Learning


  • How Terrarium actually works

  • Selecting Suitable Plants/Soil

  • Creating the Ideal Environment

  • Important Terrarium Requirement

  • Where to purchase your Materials

  • Design Possibilities & Themes

  • Suitable Containers

  • Caring for your Terrarium

  • Artistic Decoration Ideas

  • Final Tips & Thoughts


  • Preparing the Bottles

  • Creating the Necessary Tools

  • Practical Gardening Tips for Success

  • Simple Steps to Beautify Your Terrarium

  • Project 1 : How to Make a Traditional Closed Miniature Terrarium

  • Project 2: Creating a Terrarium with Interesting Design

What Others Say

“Joanne, I learned so much that day, I can even make 2-3 additional Ts from the material you gave me. All of them are growing so well, everyone whom I gave my T to became so excited. Thank You” – a participant, PA HQ

“Thank you so much, it has been a while since I had this much fun doing creative stuff with my hands!!” – participant from MHA

“This is one of the most enjoyable workshop I’ve ever attended in my whole life!” – Participant at World Farm 2013

“It’s been three years since I attended your course and my terrariums are still alive!” – Participant from Singapore Science Centre


15 – 30 pax : S$48 per participant.

More than 30 pax: Contact Us

Includes Free Terrariums (Do-It-Yourself Now) Worth $38:

  • 3 Sets of Miniature Terrariums (Different Designs)

  • All Tools & Materials Provided

This 2.5-Hour Hands-On workshop provides all the practical tips (Science and Arts) you need to successfully design and build eye-catching Terrariums.

We can customize the workshop to suite your organisation (eg. Department Level Large Terrariums, Parent Child Pairs for Family Day, etc).

Call us now at (65) 6546 5801 for enquiries or contact us!

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