1-Day All-Natural Cooking & Herbal Care for Dogs

Using Natural & Effective Remedies For Healthier Dogs

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Our Dogs, Our Family

People who own dogs are not just dog owners but also lifelong dog lovers.
To most of us, our dogs are not just house pets, they are family members. Because many a time they shower us with lots of unconditional love, more so than our own children do.
That’s why some of us have used the term “Furbaby, Furkids,  Baobei, etc”.
As the Pawrent “parent”, we only want the best for our little four-legged kids,  we want them to be happy and healthy for their entire life.
And therefore it can be quite emotionally frustrating seeing them suffering from :
  • Itchy Scaly Skin problems, continuous scratching,
  • Fungus growth on the skin
  • Fleas in the house,  everyone is feeling so itchy
  • Sore & Dry Eyes,
  • Painful Ear Infection,
  • Open Wounds & Maggots,
  • Liver Spots
  • Lumps,
  • Early Aging,
  • Cancer, etc

Why The Natural Way

As most of you already know,  I am an Avid Dog Lover.   Over the past 25 years, I’ve been the mother to 14 different furkids.   The first 3 were purchased but the rest were all adopted.   Some of them were originally abandoned or given up by their previous owners because of ailing health, old age, misbehaving, etc.    Most of my adopted doggies were weak when I first saw them.   It pains me to see them suffer so much and I always strive to find ways to nurse them back to health, regardless of their age or conditions.
In the beginning, I did not know how to raise healthy dogs nor treat their every ailment.   I had had so many failures.  All those non-stop vet visits are far too expensive.      I had often wished somebody could teach me everything I needed to know to keep my ‘precious babies’ healthy.
Given today’s overwhelming amount of tainted food, commercial lies, and misinformation,  I didn’t know what to do and I felt absolutely helpless, back then.   I still find it hard to forgive myself whenever I think of my first cocker spaniel Rose.  She suffered terribly for the last 5 years of her life.  She had lots of skin issues, lumps,  eyes, and ear problems,  her health issues simply grew and grew, and no medicine nor operation could provide her with any long-term solutions.  On her death bed, she was blind, deaf, and groaned in excruciating pain for 12 hours before crossing over.    All I could do was cry and pray all night “Go to the light my love,  I release you.”
Fellow dog owners, the lack of health knowledge and skill is no longer acceptable.     :
  • Most dogs,  by 5 years old will usually exhibit serious skin problems followed by eyes, ears, and liver problems.
  • Most large dogs usually cannot live beyond 7 years without much suffering.
Well,  for me,  all these ‘health and aging nightmares’ are no longer happening to my current dogs.   My alpha, a Mongrel named Mocha was 16 years old,  which is equivalent of an 112-year-old ah pek.    Mocha looks and behaves like a 40-year old young chap before he suddenly refuses to eat/drink.    I guess he died of extreme old age,  but his eyes/skin/fur were still youthful.
Scooby, our black street puppy who joined our family 15 years ago, aged a lot by year-5 with lots of white hair and scaly skin.   Now Scooby is supposed to be a 105-year-old ah Pek,    He now looks like a bouncing young lad with perfect coat of shinning black hair and skin.  No joint-pains,  no cataract,  still looking forward to his meals and his daily walks.    His white hair turned black again, even though he is extremely old.
We cook every meal for our dogs,  mostly vegetables.   All our current 3 dogs have NOT been sick nor visited a vet for nearly 10 years already.  I strongly believe that no one,  nor animals, needs to be sick.  As long as we stay away from toxic chemicals or tainted food,  and are provided with good nourishing meals, our bodies will become healthy and strong.   I acquired and developed most of my Organic Health knowledge and skills from my other interests : ‘Growing Organic Vegetables and Herbs’ and ‘Fermentation”
I truly want my dogs to always stay happy and live long healthy lives.   That means, giving them the most nourishing food and finding the most natural remedies and cures for whatever ailments they develop.   I definitely do not want to administer any harmful chemicals into their food or skin.   I came a long way to learning how to take good care of my dogs, organically.     I am anxious to share my newfound skills and health secrets with as many dog owners as possible.
It’s been 20 years now since I started my Organic Health journey,  my 14 pets being my teachers.  As such,  my family and our pets can now enjoy good vibrant health and youthful vitality.  I too became healthier & younger from learning from  my dogs.

What You Will Learn

Toxic Home Audit
Toxic Food to avoid
Essential Nutrition : What Dogs really need to stay Healthy
How to obtain Good Quality Water cheaply
Good Herbs & Spice for Dogs
Chemical-Safe Product-Making
Meat Vs Veggies
Protein-Rich Foods
Foods Good for Skin/Fur
Yummy Probiotics for Dogs
Organic Solutions to Skin problems:  Maggots, Infection, etc
How to Solve Fungal Problems with Herbs
Make Your Own All-Natural Shampoo
Organic Fur Care
Eye & Ears Health
The best All-Natural Antibiotics for all kinds of Infection
Healthy Cooking for Dogs
Dash Diet Principles
Adding Supplements for Dogs
3 Dash Diet Recipes for Dogs
3 Healthy Dog Treats
Special Recipe that can help Dogs heal faster

Course Objectives

This 1-Day hands-on workshop will introduce many concepts on keeping dogs healthy through good food and herbs,  plus keeping them toxic-free.    This workshop will teach the importance of good Nutrition for dogs and using Food as medicine for our canine friends.
The trainer will teach several important cooking tips such that the dogs get to have good nourishing meals each day.    In addition,  participants will get to learn a lot about herbs and probiotics.   Participants will get to make their own herbal products for common dog ailments such as :  anti-tick, skin fungus,  dry eyes,  fur care, ear infection, maggots, etc.    This workshop will recommend a very special recipe that can help dogs heal much faster.

Hands On Activities

This is a HANDS-ON Workshop which means you WILL be getting your hands dirty. Learn step-by-step first hand the actual methods used by Joanne to bring about natural health for your furbabies and entire family.
-All-Natural Shampoo  
-All-Natural Eye Drop  
-Tick & Flea Repellent Spray 
-All-Natural De-Ordorizer 
-All- Natural Anti-Fungal Spray 
-1 Dog Treat Preparation 
-All-Natural Ear Cleaner 
-1 Simple Dog Lunch Preparation  

What Do Others Say About Us

Workshop Review Summary

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)
Very good10%

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Eye Opening

Rated 5 out of 5
09 Apr 2019 (Tue)

Very lively & enjoyable session. Eye Opening. Thank you!

Lam Poey Yee, Dog Kernel Caretaker

First of the kind (workshop) in Singapore and I thoroughly enjoyed the session!

Rated 5 out of 5
09 Apr 2019 (Tue)

This is the first of the kind (workshop) in Singapore. Very good tips are given during the class. Thoroughly enjoyed the session!

Tracy Koh

Joanne is a jovial & knowledgeable trainer

Rated 5 out of 5
08 Apr 2019 (Mon)

Joanne is a jovial & knowledgeable trainer. I’ve certainly learnt from her from this course. Biggest takeaway: Types of herbs beneficial to dogs, Types of Toxic foods to avoid and how to make herb/fruit enzyme.

Amanda Chee, Executive Secretary

Highly Recommended!

Rated 5 out of 5
08 Apr 2019 (Mon)

Lesson is fun and beneficial for us and our dogs. Highly recommended!

Yeang Guodong

Love the Recipes, Health tips, DIY stuff, etc.

Rated 5 out of 5
07 Apr 2019 (Sun)

Joanne is very engaging with her hands-on experience and shares lots of tips. She makes it very interesting and there is not one dull moment.

Belinda Yang, Sales Coordinator

For Whom?

This Workshop is for the following people:
  • All dog lovers and pawrents who only want the best for their beloved dogs
  • Dog lovers who are seeking natural remedies that are safe and effective for their beloved dogs
  • Dog lovers who have an open mind to trying new things that works
  • People who loves learning & doing
  • Dog caretakers and pet hotel owners looking for organic and natural ways for their client’s beloved pets
  • Any dog lovers who believes that Nature has the best medicine
  • Health Conscious individuals
This Workshop is NOT for the following people:
  • People who doesn’t have an open mind to try new things
  • People who does not believe in using natural products
  • People who insists that going to the vet is the only solution to everything
  • People who do not love their dogs as their own family
  • People who Lacks Patience in trying out natural and organic means
  • People who do not own dogs

Details & Fees

Date:    18 Aug 2024, Sunday @ Toh Orchids  or
Time:      9:30am to 5pm
*Please note that due to the nature of the venue, pets are not allowed in the workshop. You can use photos of existing pet issues to ask the trainer for advice.*
Workshop Venues:

Toh Orchids, 84 Sungei Tengah Spore 698986.

Free Car Park.   Tea-Refreshment &  Packed Lunch provided.

Transport from Choa Chu Kang MRT,  9am, wait at Ticketing Area


Whatapp GWP Adminstrator at 9488 7418

Fee :       **S$280 per Person

*Standard Single Ticket price. Special Offers available below!
All Materials & Notes will be Provided.
Only for Venue at Toh Orchids : Packed-Lunch, Tea &  Transport from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station will be provided.

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