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Radio Interview on CNA FM938 on Urban Farms at bus stops

     (2022 Jan 5)

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Urban farms where you least expect them – at bus stops

     (2022 Jan 3)   Read Article Here.

Urban Farms at Local Bus Stops, a new project by sovereign wealth fund GIC and Organic Urban Farming School Gardens With Purpose aims to raise the profile of urban farms in Singapore with seven bus stops islandwide sprouting vegetables such as kailan, butterhead lettuce and chinese cabbage.

巴士站广告箱种菜 让公众更了解城市农业

     早报 (2021 Dec 18)

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全岛七个巴士站的广告箱下来四个星期将会种植生菜、白菜、芥蓝等蔬菜。预计产出100公斤以上蔬菜将全部捐赠给慈善组织“愿之心” Willing Hearts 爱心厨房。


GIC在七巴士站设城市菜园 预计下月中丰收

    新闻网 (2021 Dec 17)

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新加坡政府投资公司 GIC 携手有机城市园艺学院 Gardens With Purpose,在七个巴士站设立城市菜园。预计明年1月中可采收超过100公斤蔬菜捐赠慈善机构。


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Seven Bus Stops Transformed into Urban Farms; All vegetables to be donated to local charity kitchen

(2021 Dec 17)

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Urban Farms at Bus Stops: Colloboration with GIC

(December 2021)

Gardens With Purpose created a series of Urban Farms at Bus Stops in December 2021.  The initiative is in partnership with sovereign wealth fund GIC and was launched to commemorate GIC’s 40th anniversary.

The urban farming equipment used in these installations is fully reusable and all produce will be donated to the community.  Check out their website here for more information.


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Urban Farmer: Effects of Growing With Sand

(2018 Oct 10)

Our Founder Joanne and one of our earliest student was featured in Channel 8 News “Gardening Segment” on 10th Oct 2018.

As there is an increasing trend of Singaporeans learning how to do gardening, Channel 8 News begin featuring a gardening segment in their news broadcast.

In this 10min Video segment, Joanne reveals one of the Major Secret of Green Fingers. Click on the button below if you missed the Live Telecast.

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指点健康 爱上园艺一举多得

早报 现在版 Zaobao NOW (2017 Oct 10)

As part of an article on the increasing trend of Singaporeans learning how to do gardening, a reporter interviewed a few of our workshop participants and even came to sit in at one of our “Grow Your Own Organic Herbs & Spices” workshops.

Mdm Tan, shown in the main photograph, attended our “Hands-on Home-Grown Organic Vegetables” workshop in 2016. She credits our top trainer, Joanne Ng (黄瑞芳), with teaching her the fundamentals of gardening while delivering the knowledge in an interesting way. This gave her enough confidence to turn her home garden into her experimental gardening playground within a year!

Mr Yang (educator, 37 years old), an attendee of our Herb & Spices workshop, said that through learning organic gardening, he hopes to lead a sustainable lifestyle and be able to feel the joy of gardening even while living in a modern urban city.

Two other attendees, the Chua sisters, recounted how they were influenced by their mother from a young age to love all things gardening. The younger sibling shared her love of cooking and how she looks forward to cooking healthy meals for her family with the herbs she will be growing at home.

The elder sister related how gardening helped her overcome the grief of her recent loss of a beloved pet Shih Tzu. A HDB resident, she said that going through the daily routine of watering and trimming her herbs and bonzai plants provides a soothing effect and helps lift up her spirits.

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More sign up for lessons to grow own food in urban setting

Straits Times, Lifestyle section (2017 Sep 22)

We were featured as part of an article on Urban Farming Workshops in Singapore!

Ms Mabel Wee, shown in the main photograph, attended our Organic Vegetables workshop in 2014.


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All about Fruit Enzymes Drinks and Tonics

Food & Travel Magazine Online (2017 Mar 13)

Joanne introduces some healthy and delicious probiotic drinks in this article published in Food & Travel Magazine online.


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Grow Your Own Greens

Food & Travel Magazine (2016 Oct/Nov)

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GWP’s Articles in Mandarin: 我报 MY Paper

我报 My Paper (2012 Nov / Oct)

My Paper published a series of instructional articles in which Joanne taught readers about Miniature Terrariums, Organic Vegetable Farming in HDBs, Orchid-growing (with Wilson from Toh Orchids), and Open Terrariums.

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