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Gardens With Purpose can bring the joy of gardening to your home and your residences whether you are staying in Landed Properties, Detached/ Semi-detached Bungalows, Terrace Houses, etc.

Edible gardening can help people to stay active and engaged, live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating more vegetables into their diet, as well as sowing the seeds of closer family relations.

Residential properties with an outdoor balcony, yard or rooftop area that comes with a minimum space of 3sqm (33sqft) provide endless flexibility when it comes to garden design and style.

Here are some of the ways we can help you with your gardening project:

Container Gardens:

Versatile and allows for customization in terms of the look & feel of your garden.  Combine different shapes, colours, textures, sizes or mix & match with other gardening types to create a unique garden for whatever space available.

Raised Bed Gardens:

A popular garden type for many homes.  It allows you to get an “instant” garden to grow bountiful fresh vegetables. With a flat and sunny area, all you need to do is water and harvest.

Garden Arbors & Trellises

A good arbor supports climbing plants and adds vertical garden space. It can provide a great place to grow perennial climbers like grape vines, long beans, passion fruits etc.

In Ground Gardens

In-ground gardens typically take more time and effort to initially dig and prepare the potting medium but once setup they can be used for many years to grow lots of delicious produce.
Perfect for perennials, larger edibles like pumpkin, squash, as well as fruit trees and bushes.

Vertical Gardens

The best way to maximize your growing potential on a balcony garden is to grow vertically to take advantage of sunny area and utilize all of your available space.
Our Organic Veggie Wall (OVW) is a vertical farming solution for the regular gardener who has limited space to grow Edible Organic Vegetables.

Whether it is to spruce up your existing garden or to build a new Edible Organic Garden for your own home, you can send us an enquiry with information on your house type, garden area (min. 3sqm/33sqft garden space) with your requests to get a consultation by our expert gardener.
After installation, we can provide Gardening Coaching & Garden Maintenance Services to help you keeping your garden properly maintained.
Get Personalized Advice & Expert hands-on coaching to help you with your gardening challenges.  Become a better gardener to grow Fresher, Bigger, Leafier Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs.
We will introduce Natural Pest Control, Soil Improvement Techniques, Companion Planting Advice, organic fertilisers & nutrients application, harvesting tips and general garden improvement.

Commercial Organic Edibles Gardens

An attractive & unique commercial landscape garden will provide both decorative & environmental benefits while attracting more people to frequent your establishment.  Whether you are managing a mall, restaurant, hotel, apartments or an organization premises, we can craft a solution for your spaces.

For city buildings especially, empty roof garden spaces may be used to create an Organic Edibles Garden for urban gardening and also provide an stylish, aesthetic retreat for people to relax and socialise.

In addition, roof gardens can reduce a building’s overall heat absorption, hence keeping the building cooler thereby reducing energy consumption for air-conditioning.  The value of a building will immediately increase with a roof garden, especially so if the building provides a vantage view of an urban cityscape.

Benefits of Building an Organic Edibles Garden

  • Optimise use of spaces to create an attractive appearance for your establishment.
  • Increase the value of your property/building.
  • Rooftop Gardens lowers your energy bills by reducing heat absorption.
  • Create a memorable space/retreat to attract more people to frequent your establishment.
  • Promotes Food Security & Sustainability by growing your own produce.  Have an abundant supply of fresh vegetables & herbs all year round.
  • Encourage an Active & Healthy Lifestyle and Foster Sense of Community & Sharing amongst your residents, tenants, staff and organisation.

In addition, we also provide Water Irrigation System solutions and can implement LED Grow Lights solutions to sun-starved spots that will help plants to photosynthesize more efficiently.
LEDs are great in terms of power consumption, heat generation, and results.
After installing your Organic Edibles Garden, we will provide Garden Coaching Services to help you manage and maintain your garden.
Alternatively, take up our Garden Maintenance Package and hire us to keep your garden in shape.
Our services include watering, weeding, fertilising, pruning, repotting new plants, general cleaning and clearing of debris etc.
Send us an enquiry today to see how you can benefit from our Garden Project Services.

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