3D/3N Chiang Mai FarmStay


For Garden Lovers Who Enjoys Travelling

Chiang Mai Farm Stay

The Truly Organic Way

Gardening, not easy right ?   Have you ever felt like giving up ! ! ! Why is it so hard to grow anything ?   Whenever we meet gardening gurus, seeing their plants growing so fabulously, so effortlessly…… and when we look at our own pathetic plants……oh how we would wish they could offer us a tip or two……. wouldn’t it be wonderful if there are some generous experts out there who can just give us all the practical tips at one go.   Why is it so hard to acquire Green Fingers.
If only somebody can paint the whole picture clearly,  let us in on the Secrets to Green Fingers.   Better still, teach us True Organic Methods. No more PESTICIDES and NO MORE HIDDEN TOXIC CHEMICALs.
Is it possible for a typical Urban Dwellers (especially Singaporeans) to grow Organic Food at home ? Is it really possible to own an Organic Farm and grow your favourite vegetables, herbs and fruits ?
  • YES  ! ! !        You can grow anything ! ! ! Acquire Green Fingers NOW ! ! !
  • YES  ! ! !        You can really GO ORGANIC
  • YES  ! ! !         It’s easy.    With our quick tips,  you can go very far.  Your fingers will turn GREEN instantly.
  • YES  ! ! !       You can really live like the Okinawans,  long healthy lives, get closer to MOTHER NATURE

What You Will Learn

Discover how easy Organic Farming actually is. You will be surprised with the results after 3 days. From seedling to harvest, no more toxic fertilizers and pesticides. No more expensive trips to the organic store. Just pluck from your own garden and eat fresh.
  • Sustainable Organic Farming : Understand the fundamental concept of Organic or Nature farming so that you can always get it RIGHT from the start.
  • Nurturing Soil; Composition & Mgmt : Learn the secrets of nurturing soil and grow happy plants with very little problems. No rocket science needed.
  • Bio-Char Making : Discover why Bio-Char is the cheapest and most sustainable way to introducing life-giving minerals into our vegetables, herbs and fruits.
  • Commercial Farming : Surprise yourself on how easy and affordable it is to turn a simple land into a commercial farm and avoid problems faced by most farmers.
  • Seeds & Germination : Learn how real farmers germinate their seeds and enjoy higher success rates.
  • Green Manure & Fast Composting : Avoid mistakes such as using animal droppings (toxic) and find out how simple trash can be recycled into good slow-release fertilizers without any foul smells.
  • Enzyme Making & EM1: We will reveal the secrets of making and using enzymes which are essential for a healthy and lush garden.
  • Caring for Healthy Crops : Find out what are the little things farmers do and the shortcuts they use to keep their crops healthy and ready for harvest.
  • Propagation & Grafting : Discover first hand how easy it is to do grafting (an important advance skill) without the need of reading thick gardening handbooks.
  • Fruit Trees & Plants Psychology : Surprise yourself when you break myths by understanding how a plant behaves. See first-hand how this psychology is being used in a Vineyard to produce sweeter grapes in hot climate Thailand. Myth Busted.
  • How to have More Flowers & Sweeter Fruits : Learn the Arts & Science of Plant Motivation and have a better yield.
  • Organic Ways to Pest Control : Discover the effective ways to get rid of pests without using pesticides and enjoy a Toxic-Free Environment.
  • Green Fingers Magic : Learn the 3 Do’s & Don’ts, they Keys to keeping your plants alive and healthy.

Hands On Activities

This is a HANDS-ON Organic Workshop. You WILL be getting your hands dirty and learn step-by-step first hand the actual methods and care done by the Professional & Experienced Organic Farmers in Thailand.
Some of our Hands-On Activities:
  • Soil -Work & pH correction
  • Preparing the Raised Beds
  • Grafting for Propagation & Bonsai
  • Rapid Food Waste Composting


The Magic Of Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Chiang Mai was listed on TripAdvisor’s “25 Best Destinations In The World”. It is a city of contrasts culturally and economically. A vibrant city with over 300 temples as well as restaurants, street markets, hotels and festivals. You will also find great adventurous activities such as White Water Rafting and a wide range of Spas. It is also the leading agricultural city in Asia.
A True Paradise for Nature Lovers!

Maejo University


Maejo University is one of Thailand top agricultural university. Established in 1934 based on a major concept of HM The King, thus becoming one of the oldest degree-granting agricultural institutions in the country. Over the years,  beside granting Agricultural Degrees to it’s graduates, the university has also trained many thousands of farmers in the Northern regions on His Majesty Project  for Sustainable Farming and Organic methods.
The University welcomes students and academicians from around the world to study, train and collaborate with them. Maejo University is the ideal place to learn about Organic Farming with huge farming estates and a university clubhouse. You certainly can look forward to the wonderful hospitality of their staff and students.

For Whom?

This Workshop is for the following people:
  • People who finds it difficult to grow a healthy garden
  • People who dreams of having their own organic farm
  • People who loves learning while travelling
  • Urban Farmers to be
  • Nature lovers who wishes to get back to nature
  • People who wishes to seek help and advice from the best organic farmers in the world
This Workshop is NOT for the following people:
  • People who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty
  • People who does not have an open mind in learning because they already “know it all”.
  • People who fears nature
  • People who hates travelling

Price & Itinerary

ChiangMai Eng (2018)
Fee :       *S$688 per pax
*Includes: Pick-up from the airport, 3Night  Stay (2N at University Farm Clubhouse and 1N at aFarm), 3  healthy Thai meals each day, Lessons, Training Workbook and 2 Thai Farm Visits, Transport back to Chiang Mai City.    Airfare, VISAs & Insurance NOT Included. Gardens With Purpose recommends flying by Tiger Airways (now merged with Scoot) with ticket prices usually ranging between ($200 – $400).

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Buddy Package
Bring along a friend and enjoy a huge discount off the total price. Double the learning, double the freebies and DOUBLE THE FUN! Buddy Package is now S$1288 (Up S$1376.00).
Additional Early Bird Bonus  ( 25  left)
For the first 25 registrations, we will be giving away a bonus Organic Starter & Care Pack + 1 additional Night Free Hotel Stay (total worth $106) to each participant.
– 5 Different Packets containing Thousands of Vegetable Seeds S$10
– 3  Bottles (3 litre) of Soil Conditioner worth S$30**
– 1 Bucket of Organic Fertilizer for Veggie-Growing S$18**
– 10 cups with Young Veggie Seedlings Worth S$10**
– Full Day Kam Tieng Gardening Market Shopping (Also Known As Gardeners Paradise Market)- Includes 2 Way Transport & Guide Worth S$38


**For overseas participants (Non-Singaporeans), items of equivalent value will be given instead due to the limitations of custom control. For more information, feel free to contact us or our authorized agents HERE!


 Total Savings For Buddy Package & Early Bird Bonus: S$300.00
Plus! 1 Night Free Hotel Stay at 3 Star Hotel on Day 3
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For Malaysian Participants, please contact our Malaysian Agent for an easier registration process. Contact details can be found here!
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