7N/7D Detox for Pains, Swellings & Inflammations

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All-Natural Healing & Learning Vacation in Songkhla, Thailand
For You to Purge Toxins from Your Body and Regain Your Optimal Health
Chiang Mai Farm Stay

Detox Retreat for Health Renewal starting from Within

With our ever-increasing pace of life, we seldom have a chance to get enough rest and tend to neglect taking good care of ourselves.
Even worse, our chronic lack of rest is often coupled with a diet heavy in processed, artificially enhanced and modified foods, sometimes unknowingly tainted with toxins and harmful chemical residues.
It’s no wonder so many people are slowly feeling the pains and adverse effects of running on fumes and inadequate nutrition intake for much too long. We’ve been steadfastly accumulating decades of sleep debt and toxins in our bodies, yet foolishly expect our ‘engines’ to run just fine for decades to come.
Most of us know that getting enough sleep, consuming wholesome, nutritious food and living a healthy lifestyle are the pillars of a happy and fulfilling life; but how many of us actually do even half of those consistently?
Our minds and bodies need time to relax, heal and repair. Instead of just enduring your PAINS; instead of becoming ANGRY & IRRITABLE; why not take this chance to STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE? Why not uncover its source and see what can be done to fix it for good?
  • Have you been paying close attention to your body ?
  • Do you listen to what your body is trying to tell you ?
  • Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms ?
    – Joint pains / Arthritis
    – Body aches
    – Migraines / Chronic headaches
    – Swollen glands
    – Small, persistent lumps on the body
  • Will you give yourself the chance to REBOOT your health ?
  • Do you think it is possible to SAY GOODBYE to your physical Aches and Pains ?
YES ! ! !    You can indeed live a Pain-Free life.
YES ! ! !     You can BE HEALTHY again!
Nothing is more important than Good Health.  We need to invest the time and energy to expel the toxins accumulated in our bodies over the years and resume life with Renewed Vitality.
Please don’t let it drag on until it is too late.
It is time you give yourself a good long healing vacation…… FOR YOUR HEALTH & HAPPINESS!

What You Will Learn & Experience

Learn many natural Detox methods, secrets and recipes. Experience them all for yourself and feel the difference 7 cleansing days can make! Heal yourself the way Mother Nature intended by taking in essential nourishment and assist your body in purging toxins and start healing naturally.
Most importantly, Relax, Heal and ENJOY.

Topics : 
  • Toxic Lifestyle Audit
  • Understanding Toxic Loads & Inflammations
Full-Body Detox Program
  • Organic Colon Cleaning Methods
  • Coffee Enema Miracles
  • Gall Bladder & Liver Detox
  • Removal of Gall Stones
  • Kidney Detox
Other Complementary Detox Methods
  • Breathing for Detox
  • Improve Energy Circulation through Acupressure Massage Therapy
  • Skin Detox
  • Make Your Own Herbal Facial & Body Masks
Detox Using Herbs
  • Mercury & Heavy Metal Detox
  • Using Essential Oils for Detox
  • Pain Relief & Reducing Inflammation
  • Pain Management Ideas
Bonus Topics : 
  • Lymph & Lymphatic Massage
  • All-Natural Parasite Elimination Methods

All our Detox Retreats include

  • 70%-80% Organic (or without Pesticides) Food, Herbs & Soups
  • Individual Single-Rooms — No sharing for the best privacy and peace of mind.
  • Daily Personalized Pain Relief Massage/Therapy by Highly Experienced Thai Healing Therapists
  • Learning & Therapy at the same time
  • Daily Mountain / Beach Walks (Optional)
  • Daily Herbal Tea, Soups, Enzymes and Juices
  • Daily Detox & Nutritional Supplements
  • Learn about Lymphatic & Self-Massage
  • Chemical-Free Herbal Toiletries
  • Detox-Extension Program: Continue your own Detox effort after the retreat with our easy step-by-step instructions plus Detox Maintenance Toolkit & Health Pack (For first 20pax Only)

Hands-On Activities

Not your usual detox retreat, your rejuvenation journey also includes an array of fun and educational HANDS-ON activities! Learn once, benefit for life.
All-Natural Detox Activities:
  • Sand Therapy
  • Qua Sa
  • Breathing Detox
  • Sound and Vibration Treatment
  • Create your own Aromatherapy Massage Oils & Baths
  • Lymphatic Self-Massage
  • Enema Colon Wash

Rustic, Relaxing & Rejuvenating Songkhla (Thailand)

Songkhla is one of the southern provinces of Thailand.
In contrast to most other provinces, the capital Songkhla is not the largest city in the province. The much newer city of Hat Yai, with a population of 359,813, is considerably larger, with twice the population of Songkhla (163,072). This often leads to the misconception that Hat Yai is the provincial capital.
In the north of the province is Songkhla Lake, the largest natural lake in Thailand. This shallow lake covers an area of 1,040 km², and has a south-north extent of 78 kilometers.
Within the boundaries of the city of Songkhla is Cape Samila Beach, the most popular beach in the province. The famous mermaid statue can be found here. The two islands Ko Nu and Ko Maew (Mouse and Cat Islands), not far from the beach, are also popular landmarks, and a preferred fishing ground.

Author: Ahoerstemeier

Author: Preecha.MJ

Rustic, Relaxing & Rejuvenating Krabi (Thailand)

Krabi is the main town in the province of Krabi on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River where it empties in Phang Nga Bay.
As of 2010 the town had a population of 52,867. The town is the capital of Krabi Province and Krabi District. Tourism is an important industry. Krabi is 783 km south of Bangkok by road.

For Whom?

This Workshop is for the following people:
  • People who wants to rid Toxin naturally.
  • People who wants the Pain and Swellings to go away.
  • People who wants to live well and free from Pain.
  • People in search of Natural Healing methods.
  • People who loves learning while travelling
  • People who enjoys good, relaxing therapeutic massages
  • People who wants do a Body Overhaul and live Healthy Long Life.
  • People who wants to lose some weight.
This Workshop is NOT for the following people:
  • People who still think that Health can wait.
  • People who still think that the pain will go away on its own.
  • People who do not have the patience and lack the enthusiasm in learning new stuff.
  • People who wants a quick fix.
  • People who cannot let go and relax.
  • People who don’t like travelling.
  • People who only believes in chemical treatment and drugs

Price & Itinerary

Upcoming Sessions:

07-Jul (Sat) to 15-Jul 2018 (Sun) (English-Speaking Group)
07-Sep (Fri) to 15-Sep 2018 (Fri) (Mandarin-Speaking Group)

Fee: *S$2,288 per pax

For 2018 Detox Trips ONLY,
introductory price of S$1,988 (Save $300!)

We will also be giving away a bonus pack (Worth S$280) for the first 20 to sign up!

*Includes: Pick-up to-from Hat Yai airport; 7-Night Stay (Songkhla hotel, Single-Room per pax); healthy Thai-style meals, herb teas, supplements & juices each day; Daily Lessons & Activities; Daily Massage or  Healing Treatment; Daily Outings & Transport;
NOTE: Airfare, VISAs & Insurance NOT Included.
Recommended :  Hat Yai Airport by Scoot (previously TigerAirways) or AirAsia with  2-way ticket prices ranging between ($120 – $250).

Please DO NOT purchase Airfare till you received our confirmation

For Malaysian Participants, please contact our Malaysian Agent for an easier registration process. Contact details can be found here!
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Detox Maintenance Toolkit & Health Pack  WORTH $280 (FREE :  First 20 participants)

– 1 set Green Coffee Enema Detox Pack  (for 10 sessions of Enema Therapies)
– 1 Bottle of mineral rich Salt for Salt Bath (200ml)
– 1 Bottle of Epsom Salt Bath Scrubs (200ml)
– 1 Bottle SuperFood 60, Ultra-Concentrated Energizing Elixir,  900ml

  • Featuring Turmeric, Green Tea, Ginseng & Elderberry
  • Over 60 Powerful Ingredients to Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

– 1 Bottle Liver Support, 1500mg, 90 Vegetarian Capsules (Herbal Combination of Milk Thistle, Dendalion)
– 1 Bottle Burdock, Full Spectrum Herb, 500mg, 90 Vegetarian Capsules
– 1 Bottle Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex with Clove,  60ml for purging parasites.

– 1 Bottle of Clove Powder 70ml
– 1 Bottle Organic Turmeric for your Inflammation 70ml

– 1 Bottle Cold-Pressed Coconut Massage Oil with pure Peppermint Essential Oil 30ml
– 1 Litre All-Natural Soap Berries Shampoo
– Herbal Toothpaste 150ml

Buddy Package

Bring along a friend and enjoy a huge discount off the total price. Double the learning, double the freebies and DOUBLE THE FUN !

For  Early Bird participants who registered before 23 Jun 2018 :  Pay only  S$1,888


2 Pax Buddy Package is now S$3,576
(U.P. S$3,776)

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For Malaysian Participants, please contact our Malaysian Agent for an easier registration process. Contact details can be found here!
For Singaporeans and other nationalities, please register using the sign up button above.