Grow Your Own Organic Herbs & Spices Workshop

1-Day Workshop on Growing Organic Herbs & Spices at Home (100% Skills Future Credit Claimable)

Flowering Class

The Secrets Of Growing Organic Herbs & Spices

It is everyone’s dream of growing their own Organic Herbs & Spices at home. These special plants seems to have magical healing properties that will bring about great health to every family and also boost the taste of any dish.
HOWEVER most gardeners in Singapore have given up growing herbs. If you are one of them, you might have faced some of the following challenges:
  • I don’t have green fingers. I am a plant killer!
  • My basil turned black and died. Why?
  • My spouse laughs at me because I can’t seem to keep my plants alive.
  • I am new to gardening, maybe I shouldn’t grow herbs?
  • I can’t find any good gardening advice.
There are many more challenges one might be facing in the garden. Challenges that makes you want to give up.
Sometimes we just need a tip or two, basic advice just to keep our plants alive. Even better, step-by-step guidance from a Gardener who’s been there and done that.
Wouldn’t it be good if you could grow a flourishing garden with endless supply of Organic Herbs for your family?
Or even take it to the next step and use your passion to earn some additional income?

What You Will Learn

Start Growing Herbs & Spices With Confidence
  • Identifying the different Herbs & Spices (Health Benefits)
  • Practical Tips of Acquiring Green Fingers (Keep Your Plants Alive)
  • Basic Herb Care (The Secrets Of Different Herbs)
  • Growing Organically
  • Do’s & Dont’s When Growing Herbs
  • Harvesting, Drying & Storage
  • Advance Gardening Techniques (Propagation, Etc)
  • Herbs For Skin & Hair
  • Herbs For Detox
  • Herbs To Fight Cancer
  • Best Way To Consume The Different Herbs
  • Culinary Herbs Used In Popular Dishes

Bonus Topics

Take it a step further by earning money from your passion:
  • How to become ‘The Expert’ in 30 days
  • How to find cheap Land to grow your Herbs and Spices
  • Growing Herbs and Spices for Profit
  • Creating Gifts made from Herbs and Spices
  • How to make Herbal Products
  • Market your Herbal Products
  • How to go ONLINE for a much wider Market Reach

Hands On Activities

This is a HANDS-ON Organic Workshop which means you WILL be getting your hands dirty. Learn step-by-step first hand the actual methods used by Professional Gardeners.
Some of our Hands-On Activities:
  • Propagating Herbs (Multiply by Cut & Paste)
  • Germination From Seeds
  • Re-Potting Herb Plants

“Everyone who wants to try gardening but keep failing should attend. It really makes things clearer and easier!” – Dawn (Teacher)

“I will like to recommend Herb course to all gardening and plant lovers” – Cheng Kee Geok (Librarian)

“Joanne is an excellent trainer. Very passionate and has imparted good tips. Very friendly and approachable.” – Ms. Mani (Participant from NLB)

“Will recommend this course to my colleagues and friends” – Hay Chay Seam (Teacher)

“I gained a lot of knowledge today. The class was fun and herbs are so beneficial to our health.” – participant at NUS Staff Club

“I’ve always wanted to grow herbs at home, today I get to learn on how to do so and bring pots home too! Thank you!” – participant at Bukit Panjang CC

For Whom?

This Workshop is for the following people:
  • People who finds it difficult to grow and maintain their Herb garden
  • People who dreams of having their own Herb and Spice garden
  • People who are an advocate for continual learning & practicing
  • Potential Entrepreneurs
  • Health conscious people who believe in eating right
  • Nature lovers who wishes to get back to nature
  • Passionate Gardeners who wishes to become a Herbalist
This Workshop is NOT for the following people:
  • People who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty
  • People who does not have an open mind in learning because they already “know it all”.
  • People who are not prepared to do any work
  • People who lacks patience in gardening
  • People who does not take action

Details & Fees

**Please notes that Venue are Subject to Changes.

20 Jan 2019, Sunday @ GWP Office

Time: 9:30am to 5pm
Workshop Venues:
**Please check ticket name for actual venue.
a) World Farm Singapore
15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962
(Near Khatib MRT)
b) Toh Orchids
84 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 698986
Sungei Tengah Agrotechnology Park
(Nearest MRT is Choa Chu Kang MRT)
 c) GWP Gardens With Purpose Office
1 Bah Soon Pah Road, (Plot A18), Singapore 769959
Near Khatib MRT
Fee :       **S$188 per pax
*Standard Single Ticket price. Check out our Special Offers.
Packed Lunch & Transport From Khatib MRT Station (for World Farm); Transport from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station (for Toh Orchids) will be provided.
Farm walk included as permitted by weather / time.
*This Workshop Is 100% Skills Future Credit Claimable
At the end of the workshop, you will bring home:
– 10 Herb Plant Cuttings
– 1 Litre Soil Conditioner
– 500grams Organic Fertilizer
See Below For Additional Bonuses!!


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SkillsFuture Credit Usage Information

This workshop is SkillsFuture Credit claimable!

The course code for “Grow Your Own Organic Herbs & Spices Workshop” is CRS-N-0041057.

Details below:

  • Using your SkillsFuture Credit:
    • Before you submit a claim, you must have already completed course registration through our website.
    • You can claim up to the full course fee if you have enough credit balance in your SkillsFuture credit account.
    • Login to SkillsFuture Credit
    • More help and information on using your SkillsFuture Credit
    • IMPORTANT! Claim submission period:  Claim must be made before the course start date. Please submit immediately after course registration to allow for processing time.

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory

*100% Skills Future Credit Claimable for Participants who meet the following criteria,
–  Singaporean Age 25 and above
–  Have sufficient Skills Future Credit

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