3Hr Grow Your Own Organic Grapes & Vineyards

Grow Your Own Organic Grapes & Vineyards

Grow Your Own Organic Grapes & Vineyards 3Hr Workshop

Flowering Class

The Secrets Of Growing Organic Grapes & Vineyards

Grapes. Imagine having rows and rows of colorful grape plants in your home/office/school. The grapes grown on your vineyard looking so big, colorful, sweet tasting and juicy. That will definitely draw some envious visitors to your vineyard. Not only will you have constant streams of visitors to your house, you will even have some home-made WINE to serve them. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
They say that Grapes grown in Singapore are usually sour, good to look at, but not nice to eat. This is Not True! It is indeed possible to grow those sweet juicy grapes and other berries in Singapore. You just need to learn how.
However, many people think that it is impossible to grow Grapes in Tropical Singapore. This could be due to the following challenges:
  • I don’t have green fingers. I am a plant killer!
  • Its impossible to grow sweet grapes in Singapore. They all taste sour!
  • Tried growing grapes many times. Our local climate just isn’t right!
  • My Grapes are just not fruiting no matter what I try.
  • I want to try growing grapes but I can’t find any good advice.
There are many other challenges one might face when growing Grapes. Challenges that makes you want to give up.
Sometimes we just need a good and practical tip or two. Even better, step-by-step guidance from an expert Grape farmer who has been there and done that.
Wouldn’t it be good if you could grow a Grape Vineyard with endless supply of Grapes for your family?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could make many Grape products such as Grape jam and Wine with your own Home Grown Grapes?

What You Will Learn

Start Growing Organic Sweet Crunchy Grapes at home With Confidence
  • How to get Started: Seeds or Cuttings?
  • Rare Species & Fun Species
  • Ideal Environmental Condition for Grapes Growing
  • Adjustments for HDB & Landed Homes
  • Grapes Walls, Trellis & Vineyard Designs
  • Common Grapes Pests & Diseases
  • Organic Grapes
  • How to have Bigger, Sweeter Fruits
  • What about Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Cranberries, Mulberries, Raspberries etc.?

Hands On Activities

This is a HANDS-ON Organic Workshop which means you WILL be getting your hands dirty. Learn step-by-step first hand the actual methods used by Professional Grape Farmers.
Some of our Hands-On Activities:
  • Potting & Starting with Seeds
  • Propagation Techniques
Health Benefits of Grapes
Fights Diabetes
Prevents Heart Attacks
Lowers Blood Pressure
High in Anti-Oxidants
Supports Muscle Repair
Increases Good Cholesterol

Workshop Presenter

Great News! We have specially arranged for a top fruit expert from Thailand: DR CHINNAPAN, PHD, from Maejo University ChiangMai (Thailand’s top Organic University) to deliver this workshop.
Dr Chinnapan is a highly inspiring farming trainer. If you really want to learn from a top fruit guru, if you want to start a successful Grape Farm or start (or Buy) a mini Grapes Vineyard, you need to grab all the important tips and tricks from Dr Chinnapan first!
PS: It was not easy to get Dr. Chinnapan to agree to visit our sunny island, so act fast as it is not known if he will be returning again!

For Whom?

This Workshop is for the following people:
  • People who finds it difficult to grow and maintain temperate Fruit plants in Singapore
  • People who dreams of having their own Grape Vineyard
  • People who are an advocate for continual learning & practicing
  • Health conscious people who believe in growing their own Organic Fruits
  • Nature lovers who wishes to get back to nature
  • Passionate Gardeners who wishes to become a Grape Vineyard expert
  • Potential Entrepreneurs/Grape Vineyard owners
This Workshop is NOT for the following people:
  • People who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty
  • People who does not have an open mind in learning because they already “know it all”.
  • People who fears nature
  • People who lacks patience in gardening
  • People who does not take action

Details & Fees

Date: 11 September 2016 (Sun)
Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Venue: World Farm, 15 Bah Soon Pah Road
Fee :       *S$98 per pax , S$178 per pair
*Includes: Workshop Starter Kit, Transport To and From Khatib MRT Station.
Free Gifts For Every Participant (worth $25):
– 3 types of Special Grape Seeds (10 seeds each)
– 3 pots of suitable Soil for planting.
– 1 set Organic Fertilizers (200g) and Soil Conditioner (200ml)
– 1 Bottle Leafy Growth Fertilizer (200ml)
– 1 Bottle Fruiting Fertilizer (200ml)
– 1 Bottle Biological Fungicides (200ml)
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Buddy Package
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Combo Buddy Package is now S$340 (Up S$392.00).
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Additional Early Bird Bonus  ( 9  left)
For the first 20 registrations, we will be giving away a bonus Packet of Mulberry Seeds (20 Seeds) (Worth $6)
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