1-Day Creating Attractive & Nourishing 3D Gelatin Cakes

Healthy & Eye-Catching Jelly Cakes

Flowering Class

The Enzyme Craze & You

  • Jelly Cakes is so attractive that they are becoming the current ‘Cake’ trend all over Asia

The Arts & Science Of 3D Gelatin Cake Making

During the process of Fermentation, live bacteria will “pre-digest” the nutrients and elevate the enzyme levels.
These “Elevated Enzymes” are highly beneficial to our body cells. It also Significantly Aids the body’s ability to:

What You Will Learn

Floral Design Ideas.

Other interesting Designs.

Sourcing for Natural Ingredients & Tools.

Inspiration from Flowers.

Interesting All-Natural Flavors :  Fruity or Herbal.

Inspiration from Flower Hampers.

Additional Ingredients for making Nutritious Gelatin Desserts.

Healthy Pudding Ingredients that can be added for Health-Conscious people.

Color Combinations & Background Designs.

The Complete Creative Cake Presentation

Course Objectives

This 1-Day hands-on workshop will get you started on creating modern 3D Gelatin Cakes. No jelly-making experience needed.  Trainer will first demonstrate how to prepare the agar, adding flavors and colors before showing step-by-step how to create floral designs.   Participants will also be shown how to incorporate other ingredients for creating nutritious, delicious and attractive 3D Jelly cakes as a wholesome package.

Beside learning how to create 3D Floral Gelatin cakes from scratch, participants will get to explore other interesting themes.

This workshop is ideal for people who need to create new cake ideas for their company.  Staff working in bakeries, hotels, caterers, gift companies, cafes and restaurants will find this workshop a comprehensive jumpstart to creating their own special Jelly Cakes.

Hands On Activities

This is a HANDS-ON Organic Workshop which means you WILL be getting your hands dirty. Learn step-by-step first hand the actual methods used by Experienced Probiotic makers.

Hands-On 1 :  Preparing Ingredients & Tools.


Hands-On 2 :  Small Floral 3D Jelly Cupcake.

Hands-On 3 :  Medium Floral 3D Jelly Cake

Hands-On 4 :   Medium 3D Jelly Cake Portrait with other animals.


“Joanne is an engaging instructor. She keeps the class focus and her easy instruction is easy to follow!” – Theresa

“Joanne makes things very easy to remember, using current lingo” – Amanda

“Lots of information. Joanne is very knowledgeable and very helpful.  For the low fee she is charging,  she is giving us a lot of good value.” 

“An interesting and useful workshop by Joanne. Learn a lot about enzymes”  – Whye Chin

“I learnt the easiest & fastest way to obtain probiotic nutrients by the simple & easy steps of making enzymes” – Florence

For Whom?

This Workshop is for the following people:
  • People who finds it difficult to make their own Probiotic drink
  • People who have no knowledge about the benefits of Probiotics and would like to find out more
  • People who want to learn how to make fruit Probiotic SAFELY
  • People who loves learning & doing
  • Potential Entrepreneurs
  • Health Conscious individuals
  • Passionate chefs who wishes to include Probiotics into their recipes
This Workshop is NOT for the following people:
  • People who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty
  • People who does not have an Open Mind and zest to learn new stuff
  • People who Fears the process of fermentation and handling bacteria
  • People who still think that Bacteria are ALL BAD
  • People who Lacks Patience in the process of Fermentation
  • People who are not interested in Health & Natural Living

Details & Fees

**Please note that Venue are Subject to Changes.
17 Mar 2019, Sunday @ World Farm
Time:      9:30am to 5pm
Workshop Venues:
**Please check ticket name for actual venue.
a) World Farm Singapore
15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962
(Near Khatib MRT)
b) Toh Orchids
84 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 698986
Sungei Tengah Agrotechnology Park
(Nearest MRT is Choa Chu Kang MRT)

Fee :       **S$230 per Person

*Standard Single Ticket price. Special Offers available below!
Materials, Notes, Packed Lunch & Transport From Khatib MRT Station (for World Farm); Transport from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station (for Toh Orchids) will be provided.

See Below For Bonuses!!


Early Bird Discount
(Only for March 2019 Workshops)

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Early Birds who sign up before 4th Mar 2019 get to enjoy the special price of
S$251 (u.p. S$280) .

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Buddy Special

Bring along a buddy or more and enjoy an
additional S$25 discount OFF EACH TICKET!
Double the learning, and DOUBLE THE FUN~
Regular 2-pax Buddy Special is now
S$255/pax (u.p. S$280.00)
Combined with the Early Bird promo, a 2-pax Buddy Early Bird Special is only
S$226/pax (u.p. S$280.00)
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