Home Grown Organic Vegetables (2.5Hrs)

Workshop Introduction

This 2.5-Hr Hands-On workshop provides all the practical tips you need to start growing healthy Organic Vegetables at home (HDBs, Landed, Condo, etc).

Ideal for absolute beginners who have difficulties keeping their plants alive. Each participant will be taught the basics of Organic growing as well as the 3 Secrets to Green Fingers.

Hands-On practical activities ensure that each participant knows how to apply the knowledge effectively..


  • What healthy Plants really need

  • Sunlight & Watering Requirement

  • Using Organic Fertilizers

  • Plant Care : HDB or Landed

  • Potted Plants

  • Propagation (Multiply via Cuttings)

  • Organic Pest Control

  • Germination Requirements


  • Project 1: Preparing 5 Pots With Your Own Mixed Soil

  • Project 2 : Propagate 1 Type Of Vegetable

  • Project 3 : Planting of Seedlings and Propagated Vegetable

  • Project 4: Soil Germination

What Others Say

“I never knew that a gardening class can be this much fun and interesting!! Thank you Joanne!!” – participant from NTUC

“Joanne & Lyon shows to be ver hands-On and informative teachers. Thanks! Well done! Very interesting for a novice like myself ” – David Tan

“It is a lot of fun and very interesting. I finally get to learn how to plant vegetables for my family” –  participant from Leng Kee CC

“it is more interesting than I expected…this is such an important skill,  I want to attend all your workshops!!” – participant from Zhenghua CC


Price : S$58 per participant

Includes Free Starter Kit (Do-It-Yourself At Home) Worth $25:

  • 3 Types Of Vegetable Seeds

  • Organic Fertilizer

  • Soil Probiotics (Enzymes)

  • 5 Small Pots w Soil

  • Vegetable Seedlings & Cuttings

Upcoming Workshops

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