STOP Eating Poison ! ! ! Shocking Video Reveals Truth about Vegetables Imported Into Singapore

Shocking Video about the Vegetables Imported Into Singapore

Most Singaporeans already know that the vegetables we eat have been grown with toxic Pesticides.  We don’t realise that what kills insects can also kill us,  eventually.   We are too complacent,  we fail to see the impact of eating toxic chemical-laced foods,  we keep thinking that there’s such a thing as ‘permissible level of toxicity’.

The video above (presented by FOLO Farms at a TEDx event) explains very clearly about the kind of food we are actually serving our family every day and how that makes us very sick.

Eating poison, regardless how mild it may be,  WILL eventually lead to serious medical problems, if taken on a regular basis. Things get significantly worse if the toxicity goes up by even a small notch. (See Larvicide Manufactured By Sumitomo, Not Zika Virus, True Cause Of Brazil’s Microcephaly Outbreak: Doctors)