Our New Organic Farm – a Humble Dream Came True

Missing Mother Nature

Ask anyone who is above 40 years “When is the happiest time of your entire life?”  I am sure many people will agree with me  “those good old kampong days, where kids are truly free”.

I remember when I was only 6 years old,  I would roam the grass fields and play with ‘dandelion and touch-me-not mimosa’.   I remember finding every plant and animal very fascinating.
I always look forward to staying over at my auntie’s All-Natural pig farm at Jalan Kayu :  no electricity,  well water,  charcoal stove and iron, pressure lamp, etc.   The stayovers are kind of  like ADVENTURE Holidays to me.


Fast forward to today, my team and I had taught over 30,000 Singaporeans the secrets to Green Fingers.
And not too long ago, we received offers from several farmers/landowners to use their land/farm at low fees. It didn’t take long for us to choose one near our home.
I had wished that someday,  I will have my  own farm and I can grow anything I like. An Impossible Dream to have a farm in land-scarce Singapore.
It was only 15 years ago that I decided to finally do something about this nagging thought and went full time into Gardening.
It didn’t take long before I realized that this was no easy dream. Lack of space to grow, lots of hard labor and many failures.
In fact, friends and family have advised me to give up. Some even resort to mocking for this is an impossible dream in Singapore.

Like Nature,  there’s a timing to everything,  we just have to take the first steps. Dreams Do Come True,  even forgotten dreams can come to being on its own.  Now our fridge is always filled with organic vegetables and herbs.
I am so glad that our family can now l enjoy unlimited salads at home.
‘Live’ organic Nutrients-Dense Vegetables everywhere.
Fruit of our labour,  after 6 weeks
Most Satisfying to see my own participants excited about harvesting the organic veggies.
Cannot wait,  must eat on the spot


I strongly believe everyone is born with deep Love for Nature.  Like me,  I believe somehow, all roads lead to Nature.  I believe  most people will eventually want the same thing  :   the farm, the forest, the mountain, the deep blue sea,  the silence, the freedom and the peace.

Joanne Ng
瑞芳Rui Fang