Weeds Or Herbs? Why you should choose “Easier To Grow” plants

Check out the video above!   Why is it better to buy, consume or grow “Easier to Grow” vegetables, fruits and herbs as compared to “Challenging Plants”.  All experienced gardeners know this : there are some problematic plants we need to avoid,  they tend to have diseases.
Compared to strawberries, locally grown fruits like , mulberries, durians, rambutans, longans & mangosteen has nutritional benefits better suited for people living on our sunny island.
Vegetables that are easier to grow are generally cheaper and do not require much pesticides.   Understandbly, farmers would be more inclined to protect expensive crops by adding more chemicals.
So before buying the expensive Broccoli, consider the cheaper alternatives like kale, kailan or eating other veggies instead, for example : kang kong or malabar spinach. They are cheaper, have better nutritional value and are generally safer to consume.